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Most Headlines Are Boring, Confusing Or Vanilla —And Leaving Cold Hard Cash On The Table.

A few words can’t really make much of a difference, right?

Actually, dead wrong.

In fact: most headlines today are leaving cold hard cash on the table.


Well, they’re boring, stale and downright confusing.

When your prospect reads it, they’re instantly putting you in the ‘meh’ pile with everyone else.

Which means they leave you and choose your competition.

Until now.

You Have Exactly

0.1 Seconds

To Make A Killer First Impression

You Have Exactly 3.9 Seconds To Make A Killer First Impression

Okay, maybe it’s 3, 7 or 9 seconds…but it’s not much.

Which means during that snapshot of time, your headline must:

Capture Steal Attention

In a loud, busy, and noisy world —no currency is more valuable than your prospect’s attention. Grab it or you may
never get a second
chance again.

Compel Your Target Market

Your headline must tell your target market exactly what you do and why it matters to them using the least amount of real estate. Hello, clarity.

Convert Like Wildfire

Nothing matters if your headline doesn’t move people towards action: clicking, buying or booking a call. The right headline adds zeros to your bank account.

And guess what?

If you mess this up —you may never get a second chance.

Which is where we come in.

Hi, we’re Butter Pecan.

We create jaw-dropping, heart-thumping, knock-your-socks-off copywriting for ambitious brands who want to skyrocket leads, conversions and profits.

At our core we believe that bland, stale and cardboard-tasting copywriting has no place when it comes to your business.

In other words, vanilla isn’t working.

(Hence, uhm, the name.)

To date, our words have generated tens of millions of dollars, countless 6-, 7- and 8-figure launches and can even be seen flying through the clouds at 37,000 ft.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let our team of copywriting experts avengers audit your headline for free.

To your success,


You’re One Click Away From A Headline That Adds Zeros To Your Bank Account —
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