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Most Brand’s Copywriting Is As Exciting As A Routine Colonoscopy On A Saturday Morning.

Let’s be real:

Most brand’s copywriting is “meh” and as exciting as booking a routine colonoscopy.

Uh, no thanks.

In other words: boring, vanilla copy that screams yawn and sends your prospects running for the hills.

And guess what?

If you don’t captivate your audience in a few seconds —you may lose them forever as they choose your competition.

In fact, you only have one shot at a remarkable first impression.

And nothing matters more than how your brand, product or service communicates.

Which is where we come in.

We Create Irresistible Copy—You Collect Leads, Followers & Bank Deposits. Talk About a Win, Win.

Writing great copy and captivating content is hard.

It takes time, effort, skill, and a whole bunch of energy you don’t have.

At Butter Pecan, we take care of that for you.

So you can do what you do best —like making a dent in the world, creating boatloads of revenue and all that cool stuff.

At Butter Pecan, we believe:

1. Vanilla, cardboard-tasting, forgettable copy doesn’t move the needle.

You’re not boring, so why is your messaging? As we like to say: “Vanilla copy…sucks!”

2. Great copy and content speak to the hearts and minds of your dream clients.

And just as importantly, it gets the wrong people off the bus (including the cheapskates, complainers, and clingers) —winner, winner, Acai bowls for dinner!

3. Your ability to captivate, connect, and convert determines your impact and income.

It’s simple math, really.

Even if we failed it miserably in High School.

The fact is:

Your messaging is leaving cold, hard cash on the table and we’re here to put it back where it belongs.

Like, uhm, in your pocket.

(Our words are responsible for at least $29,000,000 in additional revenue.)

So, how do we do it?

A Rigorous Process Designed To Captivate, Connect And Convert Like Freakin’ Wildfire.

1. We get to know your brand from the inside out.

We get to know your brand at the DNA level, which allows us to craft stunning copy that captures attention and helps you become not simply “another” option, but the option.

2. We blend the science of old-school copywriting with the art of empowerment marketing.

Using sales pages that scream 3 AM infomercial? Your prospects shouldn’t feel like they need a shower. We blend the old school pillars of influence with empowerment marketing. Win, win.

3. We get to know your dream clients better than they know themselves   —and in turn, you become instantly trustworthy.

Most business owners are too close to their brand, product, or service —and forget about the real problem they’re solving for their dream clients.

4. We craft riveting copy and content from the ground up ensuring the right tone, narrative, and customer touchpoints.

Great copy isn’t simply about words. It’s about tone, storytelling, white space, humor, the novelty of surprise…dosed with strategy to maximize conversions.

Your Messaging Isn’t a ‘Nice To Have’ —It’s Costing You Leads, Conversions & Profits (And Freedom)

So, who are you?

You’re a bold entrepreneur.
You’re an empowering brand or product.
You’re a remarkable company or organization.

Buuuuuuuuut there’s a problem:

You’re blending in with everyone else.
You’re looking to level up your conversions.
You’re leaving cold, hard cash on the table.

Which means:

You’re tired of seeing less-qualified brands and services get your prospect’s business.

You’re frustrated in knowing the value you create, but aren’t seeing the results you crave.

You’ve got a message but are pulling your hair out getting it from your head into the real world.

The Numbers Say It All —Killer Messaging Is The Difference Between “Meh” and “WHOA!”

If our words aren’t converting strangers into captive prospects and those prospects into paying clients…we’re not interested —here’s our process:

Old school influential copywriting
1. Old school influential copywriting
3. Cutting-edge
consumer behavior
New school empowerment marketing
2. New school empowerment marketing
The Cone

We dig into your brand’s DNA with a strategic immersion to know every nook and cranny of your messavging to craft star-studded copy that turns heads.

Scoop 1

We tap into the hearts, and minds of your dream clients, knowing the problem behind the problem —identifying the words that’ll make them think you’re a Sedona, AZ psychic.

Scoop 2

We double down on what makes you remarkable and light it on fire —making you stand out in a sea of content as fun as another root canal on a Saturday morning.

Scoop 3

We whip up the freshest, tastiest, most converting copy on
the planet while collaborating with your feedback and unlimited revisions until we’ve created a masterpiece —
in 72 hours or less.


Sprinkles, chocolate chip chunks, and strawberry syrup —we hand you copy and content that makes your prospects salivate for more.

Did Someone Say Unlimited* Copy and Content…On-Demand!?

At Butter Pecan, we’re obsessed with how words can change lives.

No, like seriously…we nerd out during our off time like nobody’s business.

Like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball, we actually study the dictionary for fun.

Whether you need a facelift on your Web Copy, a legit About Me page (hint: it ain’t about you, homeslice), a long-term auto-responder sequence, fresh lead magnet, or your brand’s tagline…we got ya’.

Hell, we’ll even ghostwrite your next bestseller!

In other words, if it has words —we can create magic, including:

North Star Branding Assets

Get hyper clear on what makes your brand different including strategy, identity, voice, StoryBrand™ one liner, words to use, words to avoid and a document that becomes the foundation to your most ambitious vision.

Website & Landing Page Copy

We’ll craft riveting website, landing and sales page copy designed to captivate your dream customers, increase sales and get the wrong people off the bus. To date, we’re responsible for an average increase of 4.7% in conversions.

Email Marketing & Sequences

Email isn’t going anywhere. We create highly-converting sequences of all types: indoctrination, Seinfeld & soap opera, launches, nurture and tons more —with emails your prospects look forward to opening.

Long-Form Sales Letters & VSLs

It takes one sales letter or video to transform your entire business. No matter what you need, we’re able to craft    long-form sales copy that acts as a 24/7 sales arsenal.

Google, Facebook, YouTube Ads

We craft ads 100% native to each platform that convert like wildlife and help you increase leads, boost sales and add more to your bottom line.

Killer Product Descriptions

95% of businesses waste this precious real estate. Our product descriptions move the needle and turn browsers into buyers while increasing average ticket price.

We’ve Had Our Clients Buy Their Own Products After Reading Our Copy. No, Really.

Let’s Serve You Up a Scoop Of Awesomeness —Here’s How We Work.

1 Scoop — One-Off

Need a taste? Whether you need Website Copy, an Email Sequence, an About Page or a kickass Lead Magnet as a one-off, we’ve got you covered.

2 Scoops —
Bundled Deliverables

Now we’re talking. Tell us what you need and we’ll bundle up your deliverables into one package —ensuring congruence amongst every piece of stunning copy or content.

3+ Scoops — VIP
Unlimited Monthly Copy*

Pour me a triple! Our VIP Unlimited Copy means you get
on-demand copy and content on the regular and your own personal team of Copy Avengers with a 72-hour turnaround.

*3 Month Minimum Contract

Your Questions, Answered

Uh, no. Agencies have hyper-slow turnarounds, make you do tons of work with the same ol’ onboarding and part of your payment goes to their glitzy offices. We’re a nimble group of individuals who are rockstars at their craft and #GSD.

Success loves speed. While there’s some variables depending on the size and scope —our goal is to deliver all assets within 96 business hours*. If you’re in our VIP Unlimited program, we chunk that down to 72 hours or less. 

Need it in 24 hours? Add Turbo Boost* for a 20% fee.

Need words? We’re all in. Home page copy, emails sequences, landing page copy, opt-in copy, white papers, lead magnets, reports…we can do that. Hell, we’ll even ghostwrite your next bestseller!

We’re not cheap, but neither are root canals and divorce attorneys. In fact, our clients often come to us with shoddy work from a copywriter who lives in their parent’s basement and ghosted them. Our copy is a revenue-generating asset that pays over and over… plus allows you to charge a premium price.

We focus on our superpower: words that move the needle and get you p–p-p-paid. However, we’ve developed relationships with top-tier designers and funnel builders and can send them your way so you don’t have to waste your time.

Unlike most copywriters…we don’t live in our parent’s basements. If needed, our Head Wordsmith will meet with you to clarify your vision and strategy. Then, you’ll have on-demand Slack concierge access. Ahhhhh.

We take a Jason Fried (see: Basecamp founder) approach and believe most hour-long meets are about 57 minutes too long. If you want a one-hour consultation — we’re happy to make it happen at $495 per hour.

If you’re part of unethical industries, spreading misinformation or simply showing us one of these red flags: indecisiveness, asking for discounts, “free tests”, ghosting invoices, entitlement or wasting our time —we’re Colini, out.

Copywriting is one of the most demanding skills to learn and often takes years or decades to get halfway…decent. You could do it yourself, but that’s like going to Dental School to do your own cleanings. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We’ll identify 5-15 unique words that you’re already using.  Combine that with our custom messaging profile where we create a scale of sales, personality, and edginess, it’ll sound like Hemingway…without the bad ending.

Simple. Our standard of excellence means that if you’re not thrilled at the asset we’ve created —it’s on us. We don’t believe we should take your money if we’re not making you more of it. No questions, explanations, or awkward pauses. NOTE: This applies to copy that has not been approved only.

Meet Your Star-Studded Team —A.K.A. The Avengers Of Copywriting

Thomas Baker
Founder & Head Wordsmith

A self-proclaimed taco enthusiast who some have called ‘annoyingly’ positive, he brings 11+ years in the trenches crafting copy that turns heads —including at 37,000 feet. He lives for the moment his clients shed a tear at their copy. His guilty pleasure? Listening to T-Swift as he crafts your masterpiece. No, really.

Katie S.

Katie watches too many RomCom’s and can shred Air Guitar like nobody’s business with 7+ years obsessively helping clients craft riveting Brand Stories that make them instantly recognizable. She’s responsible for 33+ brand facelifts, hundreds of taglines and ‘About Me’ pages that convert like wildfire.

Buddha B.
Canine in chief

Buddha, our resident Samoyed, takes his role seriously and can be found howlin’ in excitement —or napping under the desk when a new client shows us their stale copy. P.S. He gets final approval…always.


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